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Landscape Cleanups

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Clean Sweep: Revitalizing Your Home With with Expert Landscape Cleanups

Landscape Cleanups

Is your yard overdue for a cleanup? Scheduling spring and fall landscape cleanups by Valley Maintenance & Landscape Inc. is an important part of maintaining your property. If your yard shows any if these signs, be sure to give us a call for this essential and useful service:

Fallen Debris and Leaves
Accumulation of branches, leaves and debris in your landscape signals a need for a professional clean-up to maintain a presentable appearance and avoid potential mold growth or pest infestations.

Overgrowing Vegetation
Overgrown grass, groundcovers and shrubs can block pathways, obscure views, and lead to a generally unkempt appearance. Pruning, trimming and removal of excess vegetation will restore clarity and visual appeal to your yard.

Weed Growth
Proliferation of invasive plants and weeds compete with other vegetation for water, detracts from aesthetics of your landscape, and risks plant health. Weed removal as part of a landscape cleanup helps maintain an attractive and healthy environment.

Seasonal Changes

Transitioning from winter to spring or fall to winter calls for preparing your landscape for the upcoming change weather conditions. This typically involves mulching beds, shielding tender plants and pruning dormant shrubs and trees to promote growth for the next season.

Removing old flowers, foliage and seed heads from annuals and perennial plants promotes ongoing blooming, avoids self-seeding, and keeps a neat appearance during the growing season.

Maintaining Hardscape Elements
Cleaning and caring for features like driveways, patios, pathways and retaining walls entails removing debris, fixing damage, and resealing surfaces to maintain their longevity.

Prepare Garden Beds
Getting your garden ready for planting season requires removing weeds, treating soil with compost and adding mulch to create healthy growing conditions.

To schedule our landscape cleanup service give Valley Maintenance & Landscape Inc. a call today at 630-430-3589!

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